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When we, as modern performers of early opera, take on the roles of Orfeo, Arianna, or any other baroque character, our preparation requires two steps. First we have to assume the role of a 17th-century singer, acquire the skill-set of Francesco Rasi (who played Orfeo in 1607) or of Virginia Ramponi-Andreini, La Florinda (who played Arianna in 1608). Then, already provided with the necessary skills, we can 'personate' those particular roles, Orpheus and Ariadne.

The first step is by far the harder. Those 17th-century skills cannot be learned in one rehearsal, not even in one production. It takes time to understand new concepts and make them so familiar that they become 'second nature'. 

OPERA OMNIA training events present advanced students and developing professionals with period information, renaissance philosophy and 17th-century aesthetics. Andrew Lawrence-King's training exercises and coaching hints channel historical principles into practical expertise and helpful mnemonics. Our aim is not to teach you one particular piece, but to help you acquire skills that will further your entire career.

Each OPERA OMNIA workshop focusses on a specific repertoire and style, and is designed to feed into on-going projects as well as instill fundamental Early Music skills. All workshops seek to present state-of-the-art performance practice, with discussion of the latest controversial topics in historical research and today's fashions.


Productions by the International Baroque Opera Studio 
combine Early Music with Historically Informed Performance Practice on stage. We presented the first production in modern times of  Stefano Landi La morte d'Orfeo (Rome, 1619) in St Petersburg Philharmonie. In September 2017 we will produce a Monteverdi opera, celebrating the composer's anniversary.


OPERA OMNIA also provides continuing professional training for singers and musicians at Theatre  Sats, as well as a free 'apprenticeship' scheme for continuo-players (theorbo, baroque guitar) which prepares students for professional work as guests with the Theatre orchestra.



13th-14th  May Moscow, Theatre Natalya Sats

Monteverdi's Musical Theatre: Arianna, Ulisse, Poppea

Andrew Lawrence-King

Introduction to Baroque Opera

This weekend workshop is for Singers, Continuo, Gesture, Instruments

This weekend is the Preliminary Session for September's staged production by the International Baroque Opera Studio. That full production will be open to applications

from advanced students and young professionals:

singers, continuo, instruments, dancers, technical theatre etc.