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for OPERA OMNIA events 2-13 September 2018

  • International Baroque Opera Studio
    Purcell King Arthur 4-13 Sep

  • The Round Table Academy conference 2/3 Sep

  • Gala Concert 3 Sep

  • Dance Classes 4-10 Sep

Information on events here

More about Dryden/Purcell 

King Arthur, spoken & singing roles here.

  • Please use the form below to apply.

  • Payment in cash (exchange rate: €1 ~ Rbl 70)

        before 0930 on 4th September

After you have sent your form, contact Andrew Lawrence-King if

  • You want to present at the Round Table Academy

  • You want to perform at the Gala Concert

  • You are multi-talented (voice/instrument/actor)

  • You have a question


Round Table Academy conference 2/3 Sep
Gala Concert 3 Sep
Dance Classes 4-10 Sep
International Baroque Opera Studio "King Arthur"

Thank you for applying!