The ROUND TABLE Academy 

2nd-3rd September 2018

OPERA OMNIA presents

Conference & Workshops related to

Dryden & Purcell's King Arthur

at Theatre Sats, Moscow


Deadline for Proposals 15th July

Text, rhythm, action! For a HIP production of baroque opera, what historical information is relevant, and how can we apply it to performance?

There is much that we already know -

  • 17th-century music was directed by Tactus

        [not by conductors];

  • and danced in 'true movement'

  • music was cosmic [of the Spheres] and Human [embodied] 

        as well as played & sung;

  • Passions were felt as the Four Humours

  • and moved by Pneuma; 

  • Gesture was Rhetorical

that we [mostly] do not apply. How can we bridge the skill gap with new training methods, in order to apply these principles?

What further, similarly fundamental principles are less well known, requiring theoretical exploration as well as practical application?

Can academics and performers engage together on questions even more provocative and inspiring than vibrato, pitch and temperament?


This is a Research - Training - Performance event, emphasising presentations that are relevant to performers and researchers alike, with practical demonstrations and group classes.

The focus is on Historical Performance Practice in the widest sense, considering anything that would influence 17th-century music-theatre: history, poetics, rhetorics, musicology, vocals, acting, gesture, instruments, continuo, dance, history of theatre, historical lighting, history of costume, audience studies, history of emotions, etc.

Sessions will combine standard 20-minute talks (with 10 minutes for discussion) with 1-hour audience-participation presentations, i.e. lecture/workshops. 

Prof Dr Andrew Lawrence-King will give the key-note talk: 

Which way? This way!

There will be a gala concert A Night at the Round Table to close the Academy on 3rd evening, featuring participants of the Academy and Studio [More, including application to perform, here]. 

Priority will be given to proposals for practical sessions, and for papers that directly address and/or involve participants in the International Baroque Opera Studio production of King Arthur, which follows on from the Academy. More...

We welcome proposals for other formats of presentation, or suggestions of related topics we have so far overlooked. 

Conference languages: English, Russian

[Cross-translation between these two languages will be provided] 

Send your proposals (in English or Russian language) by email to

Andrew Lawrence-King  including:

  • Your name?

  • Institution or Ensemble  (or private researcher)?

  • Title of talk/workshop?

  • You will present in Russian or English?

  • Talk or Workshop?

  • Do you need harpsichord?

  • Do you need audio/video equipment?

  • What else do you need?

together with:

  1. approx 250-word abstract

  2. approx 100-word bio


There are no registration fees for presenters, participants or auditors. For visiting delegates, we can assist with visa formalities and advise on travel and accommodation.


Information on September's parallel OPERA OMNIA events (Gala concert, Dance classes, Studio rehearsals and performances) here.


OPERA OMNIA (Director, Andrew Lawrence-King) is the new Academy for Early Opera & Dance, Institute at Moscow State Theatre Natalya Sats (Intendant, Georgy Isaakyan).


There are currently two early operas running in repertoire at Theatre Sats: Anima & Corpo (60th performance this season) and Celos, aun del aire matan (third season) as well as a mainstream production of Alcina and the anti-opera Guido d’Arezzo. In September 2017, the International Baroque Opera Studio presented the premiere of Arianna a la recherche, which is now being recorded for CD release. Future productions include L’Europe Galante and Andrew Lawrence-King’s Kalevala. The 2018 International Baroque Opera Studio will link training/performances of Purcell’s King Arthur and the Round Table Academy research event.


OPERA OMNIA’s Anima & Corpo won Russia’s highest music-theatre award, the Golden Mask. Theatre Sats won the 2017 European Opera Award for Outreach and Education.