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OPERA OMNIA (Director, Andrew Lawrence-King) is the new Academy for Early Opera & Dance, Institute at Moscow State Theatre Natalya Sats (Intendant, Georgy Isaakyan).


There are currently two early operas running in repertoire at Theatre Sats: Anima & Corpo (60th performance this season) and Celos, aun del aire matan (third season) as well as a mainstream production of Alcina and the anti-opera Guido d’Arezzo. Future productions include L’Europe Galante and Andrew Lawrence-King’s Kalevala. The 2018 International Baroque Opera Studio will link training & performances of Purcell’s King Arthur and the Round Table Academy research event.


OPERA OMNIA’s Anima & Corpo won Russia’s highest music-theatre award, the Golden Mask. Theatre Sats won the 2017 European Opera Award for Outreach and Education.

Ottavio Rinuccini & Claudio Monteverdi




Andrew Lawrence-King


Collaborative CD recording


Last year, OPERA OMNIA celebrated Monteverdi’s anniversary with a unique project, re-making his lost masterpiece, Arianna (1608), from which only the famous Lamento survives.

This was a Research & Training project that culminated in premiere performances in Moscow by the young professionals and advanced students of the 2017 International Baroque Opera Studio.

More about Arianna a la recherche here.

Now we plan to record Andrew Lawrence-King’s re-make of Arianna, as a collaborative project involving educational institutions and young professional ensembles around the world.

Participants (individuals, institutions, ensembles) will run a workshop to study Monteverdi’s style, taking Arianna (1608) as a case-study and Arianna a la recherche as training material. ALK will offer guidance, in person or by correspondence. Funding is available to assist with ALK’s travel costs and teaching fees. At the end of each workshop, an excerpt from the opera will be recorded. All these excerpts, from various ensembles and institutions, will be stitched together and the 2-CD set produced by OPERA OMNIA.

We are starting now in Moscow, and we are already in negotiation for workshops in Helsinki, Barcelona, London and Paris. Our motto is: not crowd funding, but FUN CROWDING! We hope you will join our ‘fun crowd’.

This is a not-for-profit, educational venture. Every individual participant will receive the complete finished recording, free. Post-production and publication costs will be covered by OPERA OMNIA. Any eventual income after expenses will be ploughed back into future OPERA OMNIA projects.

How to participate: we will send you the score, and you choose the excerpts you would like to study and record. There are solos, small and large (tenor roles here) ensembles, both vocal and instrumental (instrumentals here). The 1608 premiere lasted 2 and half hours, so there is plenty of material to share around! We then work closely together to make your workshop educationally rewarding and artistically exciting. The published recording will credit fully every individual performer and every collaborating institution for their contributions.