Singers: all soloists except Arianna also sing ensembles. There are also small roles, and spaces for ensemble-only singers.

The Nuncio (Ambassador) roles are the equivalent in Rinuccini's grand tragedy to the Pastori (Shepherds) in Striggio's libretto for Orfeo. These roles will be cast for soprano, mezzo, tenor, baritone in solos and small ensembles.

Continuo: all early-17th-century chordal instruments at A440

Instruments all early-17th-century melody instruments at A440

Design, costumes, lighting, technical etc: if you are skilled and interested in historical theatre, please apply! 


Apollo (Francesco Rasi)            Tenor                           Similar to Apollo and La Musica in Orfeo

Venere                                              Mezzo-soprano        Similar to Venere in Ballo delle Ingrate

Amore                                               Soprano                      Similar to Amore in Ballo delle Ingrate

Teseo                                                  Alto*                             Counter-tenor, similar to Ottone in Poppea 

Arianna (La Florinda)                  Mezzo-soprano     See the famous Lamento

Consigliero                       Tenor/Bar/Sop/Mezzo    Like Pastore in  Orfeo

Messagiero                       Tenor/Bar/Sop/Mezzo    Like Pastore in  Orfeo

Dorilla                                                Soprano                   Companion of Arianna

Nuntio I & II                     Tenor/Bar/Sop/Mezzo    Like Pastori in  Orfeo

Giove                                                  Bass                            Like Plutone in Ballo delle Ingrate

Bacco (Francesco Rasi)               Tenor                         Like Possente Spirto in Orfeo

ENSEMBLES ( formed from soloists + ensemble singers)

Soldati di Teseo


Soldati di Bacco SSA*TB

*Alto = C3 (alto clef) role, suitable for high tenor, alto counter-tenor or female contralto


You can use this form to contact us, if you have any questions.

Please use this next form, below,

to apply to participate,

and then make your payment (below the form) 

International Baroque Opera Studio 2017

ARIANNA a la recherche




OPERA OMNIA & the International Baroque Opera Studio present at Moscow State Theatre 'Natalya Sats' a historically staged production of Andrew Lawrence-King's remake of Monteverdi's lost masterpiece, Arianna (1608).


Wednesday 20th - Friday 29th September 2017

Applications to join the International Baroque Studio 2017 production of Arianna are open to young professionals and advanced students (singers, continuo, instruments, design & costumes, technical staff etc)


APPLY NOW using the form below

20% discount

if you book before August 1st!


  • How to apply

Fill out the form below, including your confirmed rehearsal availabilities,  and pay the tuition fee of €150 (for the entire production).


Get a 20% discount

on your tuition fee,

if you book before August 1st!

A limited number of scholarships will be available. If you believe you deserve a scholarship, please tell us why!

We can assist international visitors with advice on visas, travel and accommodation, but you must pay your own costs for travel, accommodation and visa fees.

  • Casting

We plan to double-cast major roles, one performance each. Our decision of who sings what when is final.

But please tell us what your dream role would be! And tell us about any additional skills, talent, knowledge or experience you can bring to the project.

If we do not already know you personally, we will ask you to send an mp3 or mp4 of your performing, so that we can cast you suitably. 

  • Rehearsal Availability

The more available you are, the easier it is for us to give you a good role.


You must inform us immediately if your availability changes. If you become unavailable for rehearsal, we may move you to a smaller role, or out of the production.

The first evening and next day of rehearsals are a general introduction to the whole opera (music & stage); the last day is final dress rehearsals. In between, we do one Act each day: music in the morning, stage-work in the afternoon, run-thru everything in the evening. Each evening's run-thru also revises the work of previous days.

The provisional daily timetable is

10.00-13.00, 14.30-17.30, 18.00-21.00. 

  • Preparation in Advance

You must learn your ensemble and solo music/text in advance. If you arrive unprepared, we may move you to a smaller role, or out of the production.

We will provide an mp3 of the whole score, as well as free advance study sessions in the weeks before the production.

  • Payment  & refunds

Your application will not be considered until you have declared your rehearsal availability and made payment. There are no refunds whatsoever, unless the production is cancelled by 'force majeure'. 

Thank you for your message.