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In September 2017 OPERA OMNIA & the International Baroque Opera Studio celebrated Monteverdi's anniversary year with a unique project at Moscow State Theatre 'Natalya Sats': a historically staged production of Andrew Lawrence-King's re-make of Monteverdi's lost masterpiece, Arianna (1608).

Now the opera is being recorded, in collaboration with educational institutions and professional ensembles around the world: Moscow - Paris - London - Helsinki - Barcelona.

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     "Re-establishing Arianna (1608) as

the fourth opera in the Monteverdi trilogy"


ARIANNA a la recherche VIDEOS

The Harp Consort: Nunzio Secondo proclaims

a happy ending for Arianna here

Arianna Finale dedicated to Jordi Savall here

9 Tenor Roles in Arianna here

Instrumental music in Arianna here

ARIANNA a la recherche ARTICLES

WHY remake Arianna? 

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What's the story of the opera?

Synopsis of Rinuccini's libretto here

HOW - in what format - to remake Arianna?  

Not just setting Monteverdi's other music to Rinuccini's words; not a modernist score; but a historically informed creation, modelled on Monteverdi's other c1608 compositions.

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HOW - by what techniques- to remake Arianna?
'modelled on other works c1608' explained here.

In Monteverdi's Musical Theatre

 (2002), Tim Carter writes that Monteverdi regarded Arianna, composed in Mantua the year after Orfeo, 'as his greatest work for the stage'; he revived it as his first production for the public theatre in Venice (1640);  it came closest to the via naturale alla immitatione, 'the natural way to represent' drama in music.   

But apart from the famous Lamento (and a few fragments of dialogue preserved along with it in Luigi Rossi's manuscript), the music is entirely lost. Andrew Lawrence-King channels Monteverdi's c1608 publications to create this remake, allowing Arianna's Lament to be experienced in its fully operatic context for the first time since the seventeenth century.

The cast and company for ARIANNA a la recherche are members of the International Baroque Opera Studio, which presented the first modern-times production of Landi's  La morte d'Orfeo (1619) in the St Petersburg Philharmonic in 2013.

Applications to join the International Baroque Studio 2017 production of Arianna are open to young professionals and advanced students (singers, continuo, instruments, design & costumes, technical staff etc)


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