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Our aim is link cutting-edge academic research into historical performance practice with advanced professional training and high-quality performance.

Our academic research is founded on Prof Dr Andrew Lawrence-King's work on historical priorities of Text, Rhythm, Action! begun as Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for the History of Emotions, University of Western Australia.

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That investigation continues with research into historical concepts of Enargeia, the emotional power of detailed verbal description, and Energia, emotional force communicated amongst performers and audience members.

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Other historical concepts crucial to this research area are Affetti, the period science of emotions, and Effetti, vocal effects that affect listeners' emotions.

These pairs of interlinked concepts, Enargeia/Energia and Affetti/Effetti 

underpin the historical science of Action, baroque Gesture and period stage-practices. 


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In our experimental work and training, we also apply the historical philosophy of musica modanathe Music of the Spheres, the perfect dance/music created by the movement of the moon, sun, planets and stars around the earth; musica humana, the harmonious nature of the human being; musica instrumentalis, music actually played or sung.

Similarly, Time itself was understood within a pre-Newtonian, Aristotelean framework as cosmic, perfect and defined by sun, moon and stars; human, in the pulse, in the time-beating Tactus hand, in walking or dancing; instrumental, indicated by a pendulum or historical clock [metronomes were not yet invented].

The spirit of Pneuma was also philosophised as three-fold: the mystic breath of life of artistic inspiration; a networked energy within the human mind/body, rather like the Oriental concept of chi; the energetic spirit of  performance, communicating emotions amongst performers and audience.

Pneuma is understood today within studies of Flow, being 'in the Zone',  Mindfulness & Meditation, Altered States of Consciousness and Hypnotism. Andrew Lawrence-King's research in this area, The Theatre of Dreams, is founded on Joe Griffin's theory of the REM-state.

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Andrew Lawrence-King's work seeks to understand these historical concepts in the contexts of both period & modern science, and devise training exercises and rehearsal methodologies, by which to apply period philosophy in the real world of modern-day rehearsals and performance. 

Historical Action & Period Stage-Practice