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Early Music is booming in Russia, and Moscow's Theatre Sats (the original home of Peter and the Wolf read more...) is at the heart of it with OPERA-OMNIA, the new Academy for Early Opera & Dance.

Director: Andrew Lawrence-King 

Artistic Director of Theatre Sats: Georgy Isaakyan

OPERA-OMNIA connects historical research, advanced training and high-quality performance of early music-drama, supporting productions by providing academic input and developing performers’ practical skills.


Andrew Lawrence-King’s training methods make details of historical practice accessible to Russian theatre artists and audiences. Continuing and extending the work of the previous five years, OPERA-OMNIA will present new baroque productions at Theatre Sats, and on tour in Russia and abroad.


In a spirit of scientific enquiry & artistic experiment, OPERA-OMNIA champions Historically Informed Performance and theatrical creativity.


OPERA-OMNIA (Director, Andrew Lawrence-King) is the new Academy for Early Opera & Dance, Institute at Moscow State Theatre Natalya Sats (Intendant, Georgy Isaakyan).


There are currently two early operas running in repertoire at Theatre Sats: Anima & Corpo (60th performance this season) and Celos, aun del aire matan (third season) as well as a mainstream production of Alcina and the anti-opera Guido d’Arezzo. In September 2017, the International Baroque Opera Studio presented the premiere of Arianna a la recherche, which is now being recorded for CD release. Future productions include L’Europe Galante and Andrew Lawrence-King’s Kalevala. The 2018 International Baroque Opera Studio will link training/performances of Purcell’s King Arthur and the Round Table Academy research event.


OPERA-OMNIA’s Anima & Corpo won Russia’s highest music-theatre award, the Golden Mask. Theatre Sats won the 2017 European Opera Award for Outreach and Education.

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OPERA-OMNIA has grown out of our previous activities:



Both these productions, (as well as a modern production of Handel’s Alcina) continue to run in repertoire at Theatre ‘Sats’


  • First modern-times production of Landi La Morte d’Orfeo (Rome, 1619) at St Petersburg Philharmonic by the International Baroque Opera Studio

  • First performance in Russia of Monteverdi’s Vespers (1610) for Festival Renaissance, Moscow


All these productions were founded on new research into historical performance practice, with new editions by Andrew Lawrence-King based on 17th-century sources, presented also in academic seminars and public lectures.


To support these performances, there have been five years of workshops and masterclasses, training singers, continuo-players (organ, harpsichord, theorbo, guitar, harp), strings and brass. In particular:


  • Creating a team of theorbo-players, sourcing instruments and providing coaching

  • Coaching a team of sackbut (baroque trombone) players, sourcing instruments

  • Creating a team of baroque guitar players, sourcing instruments

  • Training theatre pianists in baroque continuo (harpsichord, organ & regal)

sourcing instruments


Each team comprises more players than required for any one performance, providing a reserve for the theatre’s on-going productions, and creating a resource of skilled specialists that benefits the whole early music scene in Moscow, and in Russia.

Read more about OPERA-OMNIA's current training events...

We offer classes to singers, given by specialist instructors in


  • Historical acting & Baroque Gesture

  • Baroque dance

  • 17th-century swordsmanship


  • Pronunciation & Word-Accentuation (Italian & Spanish)

  • Tactus & Rhythm

  • Ornamentation & Improvisation


Other classes teach


  • Continuo-playing (Italian & Spanish styles)

  • Violin (Italian early 17th-century bowing, French late 17th-century bowing)

  • Bach on modern instruments


  • Baroque Rhetoric

  • Renaissance Philosophy of Music, Time & Emotions

  • Medieval Drama

Read more about forthcoming classes...



Events calendar here...


OPERA-OMNIA will continue and develop these classes, facilitating fundamental training and supporting specific projects.


In March 2017 we had open rehearsals & public performances of Anima & Corpo and Celos, aun del aire matan; public lectures, workshops & training events in Italian & Spanish baroque opera in collaboration with Moscow Conservatoire of Music, Russian University of Theatrical Art,  Musica Iberica festival & the European Day of Early Music (March 21st).


In May there will be further performances of Celos and a workshop on Monteverdi operas. Read more...


In September there will be a production of a Monteverdi opera by the advanced students and young professionals of the International Baroque Opera Studio, with historical stage action.


Next season, the OPERA-OMNIA FESTIVAL will include opera performances, recitals, workshops & public lectures. Also, participatory activities for teenage musicians.


New OPERA-OMNIA Productions


  • At Theatre Sats & other Moscow venues

  • On tour around regions of the Russian Federation and internationally

  • A specialised production team as guest directors for other opera houses

Read more about current productions...     

Forthcoming OPERA-OMNIA Publications

  • Academic books, music editions, libretto translations & training manuals

  • Early Opera CDs & DVDs

  • On-line training courses for Early Music & Historical Acting




OPERA-OMNIA seeks to connect historical research, advanced training and high-quality performance of early music-drama, supporting productions by providing academic input and developing performers’ practical skills.


We hope to become an essential resource of knowledge, skill and good practice not only for Theatre Sats, but also for early music performers in Moscow, elsewhere in Russia and amongst the international community of baroque opera.


Andrew Lawrence-King’s particular role is to devise training methods and rehearsal techniques that make complex and subtle details of historical performance practice accessible to Russian singers and musicians, within the ‘real world’ of day-to-day schedules and modern demands on theatre artists.




OPERA-OMNIA has a strong focus on Historically Informed Performance. We recognise that complete ‘authenticity’ is impossible, but we look for high-quality research; inspiring, authoritative and evidence-based training; artistic integrity in production.


Our performances combine both ‘modern’ and ‘early’ elements. In our academic work and professional training we carefully distinguish between historical information, current opinion and individual creativity, all of which we welcome.


In the spirit of scientific enquiry & experiment, and to encourage continuing artistic development, we are open to new research findings and alternative opinions. We invite distinguished and charismatic performers to visit and share insights gained from their long experience.




Under Georgiy Isaakyan’s artistic direction, Moscow State Theatre ‘Natalya Sats’ welcomes young people, families and music-lovers of all ages, creating the audiences of the future with award-winning productions of mainstream, new and old music-dramas and ballets.

The OPERA-OMNIA Academy for Early Opera & Dance links cutting-edge research with Andrew Lawrence-King’s new training methodologies to empower the early music performers of the future.

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